If you have been looking for a property over the last 6-12 months, now is the time you should be going harder than ever to find that perfect property.  During this time of the year, people are listing their properties for a reason, and more inclined to negotiate than they will come the Spring.  It is something that I have seen consistently over the last few years.

The surprising thing is, most buyers decide to slow down at the same time.  They come to me saying, they want to pick things back up in the Spring and focus on the holidays, etc.  That is the worst mindset you can have during this time.  This is the time you should be pushing harder and seeing as many houses as you can.  Talk to your agent and have them set up as many showings as you can.

This is even a time to go look at houses slightly above your budget.  During this time, sellers are listing because they need to sell.  You may be able to get in at the right time and get that house that wouldn’t even be in the conversation come the Spring.

With rates climbing, this is also a reason to make a move now.  No one can predict where rates will be come the Spring, but if they stay consistent, waiting could cost you hundreds of dollars in your monthly mortgage payments.

My advice to the buyers out there is to turn up the search.  This is the time that you are going to get those deals that you have been hoping for.  If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message or email me at nick@herricklutts.com